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About Ranger Point Precision

Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is a leading innovator and producer of performance lever-action rifle parts. Your one stop shop for all things lever-action rifles. All of our products are Made in Texas. Made in the USA.

In 2013, owners Adam and Kimberly Devine started Ranger Point Precision because they had a passion for lever-action rifles. Adam and his team of skilled gunsmiths built high-end, custom Marlin lever-action rifles. That experience informed the company’s thinking about ways to design and make parts to increase the performance and functionality of these cherished rifles. Additionally, we listen to what our customers want for their rifles and add those ideas to our R&D list.

Firearms and Parts / Style We Specialize in

Explore the biggest range of lever action rifle parts today. Get assured quality, affordability, and the most versatile range of lever action parts from traditional to space cowboy. 

All of our parts are machined in-house and we are proud to be a ‘Made in USA’ firearm parts manufacturer. We invest heavily in research and development to constantly design new performance parts for Henry Repeating Arms, Marlin Firearms, Winchester Repeating Arms, and Rossi 92 lever-action rifles year over year. All of our parts work with the newest rifles as well as are backwards compatible to work with rifles built as early as 1950.

We’re very serious about the quality and dependability of our parts. RPP's Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the product throughout the lifetime of the original purchaser, except in the case of intentional abuse, neglect, alterations, and modifications, unless specified in our instructions or authorized by the company. Our parts are used by hundreds of gunsmiths around the world and have garnered five star reviews. 


Cypress, Texas



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