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About Griffin Armament 

Griffin Armament was started by two brothers in 2005. They grew up much like many Americans, shooting BB guns and later 22s on the family farm. They joined the military after high school and started using silencers professionally overseas. After suffering from hearing loss due to military service, they understood the benefits of sound suppressors not only as hunters and sportsmen but also as soldiers.

After returning home they launched Griffin Armament with the aspirations of providing industry leading sound suppressors and firearms components to users of all walks of life. Griffin founders are ardent supporters of firearms ownership, individual liberties, and the American way of life.

Firearms and Parts / Style We Specialize in

Griffin’s mission is to create relevant and winning products that establish market trends and solutions. 

Every component of a Griffin product is scrutinized and evaluated through a rigorous research and development and testing process before manufacturing and inclusion in the product line. Controlling our engineering and manufacturing assures these products are their best embodiment. We offer industry leading optics and mounts, silencers and accessories, muzzle devices, AR parts and more.


Watertown, Wisconsin


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