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About CZ Custom

CZ Custom is the end product of over 25 years of blood, sweat, and tears from the experience of our Founder, Angus Hobdell.

A true American success story, his journey from a competition shooter in Britain to Business owner and leader in the American Firearms industry has benefited Competition shooters worldwide.

His experimentation on the CZ line of pistols has led to advances in custom parts demanded by shooters, followed up by his signature Firearm, the A01 competition pistol.

The A01 is the flagship pistol in the CZ Custom line of custom pistols, and has all the required features that Competition shooters worldwide demand.

The CZ Custom shop is your one stop shop for Custom Pistols and gunsmithing.

Our machine shop allows full control over the process to make our full line of CZ pistol parts and accessories, which are some of the most demanded products in the industry.

We look forward to helping you have the best shooting experience possible with your CZ firearm.

Firearms and Parts / Style We Specialize in

CZ Custom is your one stop shop for all things custom for CZ Pistols. We customize and produce some of the most reliable custom pistols in the world. We also carry competition products for 1911 pistols as well. Our custom CZ pistol parts are known throughout the industry as well.


Mesa, AZ


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