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About Battle Rifle

Battle Rifle Company rifles, carbines and pistols are designed with premium products that meet, or exceed, military specifications. Through years of work with international militaries and local/state/national police departments, we have created products that not only outperform the competition, but often cost less and require less maintenance. Every Battle Rifle is made by hand in the USA by former US Military Veterans and test shot prior to export.

Firearms and Parts / Style We Specialize in

Our rifles are Texas made AR15 style firearms. All of our parts are made in the USA and meet, or exceed, mil-spec quality. In addition to our rifles we also provide access to numerous other manufacturers of firearms, optics, silencers, accessories and more. It doesn’t stop with product sales either - We provide some of the best custom build and gunsmithing services in the world.


Houston, TX

Certifications / Awards / Reviews:

To showcase our quality, we fired 10,000 rounds through the same gun continuously in semi-automatic and only had 3 stoppages in a 6 ½ hour period, which makes our result better than
Mil-Spec quality


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